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Dance Class

The Full Story


Pam Jones has been a dancer since she was in elementary school.  She learned to tap and ballet at the ABC daycare.  In junior high school, she joined the dance team and learned how to modern dance.  In high school, she danced in the plays.  As a young adult, Pam learned jazz dance with the actress/model/dancer, Pattie Owens.   Pam Jones has danced in the Wortham Teather in Houston, and the Rose Garden.  She moved into praise dancing after becoming actively involved in church.  Pam would minister in dance for conferences, churches, and events.  Next, God called Pam Jones to prophetic dancing, where she learned to minister the word of God through dance.  Finally, God called her higher to dance out of the fire of His throne room to apostolically and prophetically dance.

Jones next call of the Lord is to teach other dancers how to dance out of the fire!

Pam Jones has won the 2021 Dancer of the Year,

International S&M Gospel Indie Awards


To educate dancers on how to minister out of the fire of God and to help others see the word of God through dance. 


Our vision is to see all dancers worship from a place in God that brings healing, deliverance, and allow the plans of God to go forth through dance.

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