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Throne Room Dancing is designed to teach ladies, young girls, and teens how to build self-confidence, trust in their abilities, hone in on their gifts and talents, be disciplined, communicate with others effectively, be a productive citizen, to present themselves in a positive manner that is ladylike, to have integrity, to be honest, to have faith in what they do, and have positive social skills through dance!

There are 8 classes, one written exam, and one MP4 demonstration test that all dancers will be required to take.  The classes are self-paced but all classes must be taken in order to help assure that you learn what is required to successfully pass both tests and receive our Minister of Dance Completion Certificate.  

All dancers are required to complete all classes in the proper order.

Note:  the classes are self pace

All questions, tests, and MP4s must be emailed to:

Welcome to the ministry of dance!!

How to pay for classes: 

1. click the picture of the class you want to take

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