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Dancers are a weapon in the hands of God

Isaiah 30:31-33
The Passion Translat31 And when his rod strikes the Assyrians,
   they will be terror-stricken by the mighty voice of Lord Yahweh.
32 Every stroke of Yahweh’s punishing rod[a]
   will be to the sound of cymbals and strumming harps.
   God himself fights them in battle with dancing!

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Pam's Story as a Dancer

Pam Mayes Jones has been a dancer for over 50 years.  She started in elementary school with ballet and tap.  After elementary school, Pam joined the middle school’s theater to dance in plays and became a cheerleader.  After graduating from middle school. Pam went on to high school where she became a cheerleader and dancer for the high school plays.  During school, she studied to become a Cosmetologist and eventually to own a salon.  After graduating high school, she went to college and received a Commercial Arts degree.  Pam has been an artist since she was a little girl.  Pam Mayes Jones has continued her education to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, master’s in leadership education, and obtaining her doctorate in Education Administration (graduates 2024). 

During Pam’s ’20s, she joined the actress and dancer, Patti Owens Dance Academy.  Pam dance with them at the Wortham Theater.  Pam also has danced in the Rose Garden in Houston.  As time moved on, Pam was led by God to start Praise Dance at her church, where she created and led a dance team.  She and her team would dance at meetings for women, and Pam has danced for conferences.  Later, the Lord moved Pam to rest her team and go solo because the anointing and height that God was taking her were too much for the team to handle. 

God taught Pam how to dance prophetically himself.  She would get downpouring from the Lord like she was watching a movie scene.  He would tell her the colors, the gown, the props, and the message to minister to the church.  The anointing would fall so strong that the alter would fill with people, who later told her how what she ministered moved them to tears, and they had to come to the altar.  Pam was known for setting the atmosphere for the minister to bring forth the word with ease because she would minister in dance right before the word went forth.  Pam’s prophetic dance is very anointed and powerful in how God chose to use her in the ministry of dance.

As of August 2021, God called Pam to rest in Him because He was refilling her to go back out at a very high level.  He called her to fully prepare her body in food, exercise, and spiritual truths in His word.  He wanted her free of everything, so He could use her body to minister into the earth what He was sent down from heaven.  Pam willingly excepted His instructions. 

Being a dancer for Pam is being a servant and not being seen but allowing God to be seen.  She always gives God all the glory for everything she does in dance.  She said this keeps her humble in Him knowing that it was Him that gave her the gift and talents to dance for the kingdom.  As Pam went forth in full-time dance God gave her Throne Room Dancing to teach His daughters how to dance prophetically to bring into the atmosphere what heaven is saying.

Pam Mayes Jones's heart has been heavy because she has seen too many errors in dance that are being allowed in several ministries.  The reason why the errors go on is that the pastors or ministry leaders do not know the truth about dance and are reliant on the dance leader to know.  Because God wants a new sound to be made in the earth, He has commissioned Pam to go forth and teach the next generation the truth and what God says about dance.  Amen

Prophetic Fire Dancer, Award-Winning,
Elizabeth Cuellar

Elizabeth Cuellar is a very anointed dancer because she is sold out to serving God and dancing out of the fire of the throne room of God.

When she dances, the atmosphere shifts, and deliverance comes!  Her flags even change images that were witnessed through a picture that was taken from a cell phone!


When a dancer is walking upright and dancer out of the fire of God, miracles will happen.

Apostolic Prophetic Minister of Dance
Pam Jones

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