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Choose Your Dance Class

  • Intro Why We Dance

    Perfect for dancers wanting to learn more
    Valid for one week
    • Introduction to Why We Dance for God
  • Dance Session 2

    Presenting Your Body to the Lord
    Valid for one week
    • Learn to present your body as a dancer
    • a dancer should dig her own wells instead of copying what so
    • Learn how to eat a healthy diet to help you fully dance
    • Learn why a dancer should dig her own wells instead of copyi
    • Learn why a dancer is prophetic for the Lord
    • How to always be ready to dance
  • Dance Session 3

    Learning How God Speaks to Dancers
    Valid for one week
    • God speaks Out of His River to Dancers
    • How to agree with God in dance
    • River Dancing with God
    • Understanding being sent by God versus dancers that...
    • The anointing of God to dance
    • Learn to hear God through the Holy Spirit
  • Dance Session 4

    How to minister with the whole body
    Valid for one week
    • God's Colors
    • Learn how to make a sound in the earth
    • Learn how God uses a dancer to war
    • Learn how to use the whole body to war in dance
    • Learn to trust the Holy Spirit
  • Dance Session 5

    Learn Gods Color Wheel
    Valid for one week
    • Gods Color Wheel and Dance
    • Learn why God uses colors in dance
    • Learn the meaning of colors
    • Learn the color wheel and how to create one for dance
  • Dance Session 6

    Using Worship Tools
    Valid for one week
    • Learning How to Use Worship Tools
    • Learn what each tool is used for
    • Learn how to use the tools
    • Learn when to use the tools
  • Dance Session 7

    The Bible, Dance, and Worship
    Valid for one week
    • Bible and Worship Tools
    • Learn what the Bible says about tools and scripture
    • Learn how to apply the scripture with the worship tools
  • Dance Session 8 Theo

    Dance & Holy Garments
    Valid for one week
    • Worship, Dance & Holy Garments
    • The Garment Colors
    • God’s Names
    • Learn More About the Worship Garments
    • A $FREE Word from a Worshiper About Garments
    • What the Bible says about Making Garments
  • Dance 8 A Garments

    Learn what God says about garments
    Valid for 7 days
    • Garments
  • Dance 8 B Garments

    Learn why garments are important to God
    Valid for 7 days
    • Garments
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